Mechanical and Electrical Installation Services

Mechanical Assembly Services

Mechanical assembly involves physically assembling solar panels, mounting structures, carrier systems and other components into place. A carefully planned assembly process at this stage ensures the long-term performance and safety of the systems. Our mechanical assembly services include:

Installation of Mounting Structures: We install mounting structures designed for the safe positioning of solar panels by our professional teams.

Mounting of Panels: We ensure that you get maximum efficiency from sunlight by mounting solar panels at the angles and heights required by the design.

Cable Management: Properly managing and securely connecting electrical cables increases the longevity of the system.

System Inspection: We ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely with post-installation system inspections.

Electrical Installation Services

Electrical installation involves installing electrical systems that convert the energy produced by solar panels into usable energy. This stage is of great importance in creating a safe and solid electrical infrastructure. Our electrical installation services include:

Connection and Configuration: The connection of panels to inverters and system configuration ensures efficient energy conversion.

Electrical Panel Installation: Electrical panel installation and regulation of power distribution controls the flow of electricity within the system.

Cable Connections: Safe and insulated cable connections ensure strong and reliable operation of the system.

Testing and Validation: After electrical installation, we perform system tests and ensure that all components are working correctly.